When we try to break the connectors...

Our initial prototype connectors had a weak point in the center. We found them continuously breaking in the same spot with relatively little force.

After the next round of iteration, we introduced ribbing to our prototype connectors and did our version of strength analysis (read: how hard did we have to squeeze pliers to break them). This was a huge improvement and led to the introduction of ribs through each section of the connector, front and back, all the way to the ends.

Now, our injection molded connectors are made of a more flexible material, and include the ribs we designed for strength. Now when we try to break them, they bend and twist and turn, but they don't snap! AND they still function! 

We wish we could guarantee they will never snap, but you never know what shenanigans hours of playing with Boxly will lead to. But, a stomp from a shoe or an overly excited builder should be just fine :)

Happy Friday!
The Boxly Team