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Boxly is a 100% recyclable fort building kit consisting of cardboard panels and injection molded connectors. The Kraft kit offers a more authentic cardboard box feel, while the White kit offers a broader opportunity for artistic customization of the panels -- and it comes with two extra chalkboard panels! The Connector set is perfect for using all the cardboard you already have in your house.

The Boxly Team is busy manufacturing! Visit our blog, Kickstarter page, or Facebook to follow our progress!


We're a group of Stanford Product Design Engineers that believe creative play has the power to develop creative confidence and independence through hands on exploration. Our favorite toys as kids were the ones that we made ourselves with whatever we could find around the house.

This creative construction fostered our own passions for design and engineering. But we've found that so many of the latest toys come with a set of instructions that limit creativity and innovation -- and there's almost always a screen involved.

So we created Boxly, a 100% recyclable building kit that allows kids to build their own forts and gain creative confidence. Boxly is a toy where assembly is required, but instructions are not. It is designed for easy assembly and fast clean-up, so kids can independently build life-size forts without taking apart the living room. Boxly has the familiarity of a cardboard box, without the constraining shape or size.

Because after all, they say the best gift for kids is the box it comes in.


Sasha Spivak

Constantly dancing, obsessed with Nutella, and on the market for a parrot.
Favorite tool: Calipers
Superpower: Cavity Immunity


Carolyn McEachern

Avid hiker, tomato enthusiast, and zealous organizer.
Favorite tool: Box cutter
Superpower: Infinite Bounce


Alicia Seta

Rock climber, strawberry lover, and resident sci-fi expert.
Favorite tool: Allen wrench
Superpower: Time Travel


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