Good Things Come in Small Packages

Your first look at the amazing possibilities of Mini Boxly:

Throughout the product development process, it was extremely important to us that we create a product that gets kids building, and building BIG. We wanted to address the fear that many kids associate with large scale building. However along the way, we worked with many little hands and many adult hands and found that perhaps something miniature had a place as well…

We were excited to see kids using the first version we made of Mini Boxly (a ¼ scaled down version of Boxly) to create forts and structures for their toys. They built houses, castles, pyramids, rockets, and spaceships.

We were even more surprised, though, that Mini Boxly pushed us to genuinely question our target age range. While kids saw Mini as a set for their toys, adults saw it as a set for their desk. They took it to work as a thinking-while-programming tool. They played with it to communicate a prototype idea. And they lost themselves in that same nostalgic cardboard box world that we’re so passionate about. Check out their fun-sized creations!