Internet Famous!

Over the weekend we had an incredibly invigorating user test that inspired us to finally publish our webpage. One of our 7-year old builders said that when we brought Boxly to market, he wanted to be Internet famous. So we figured today would be a great day to start this is for him!

Recently, we've spent a lot of time focusing on the engineering side of things. But we wanted to return to our users, to learn and gain insights from their build sessions. So this most recent build session we decided to introduce one of our "extras" for the first time. We added a chalkboard panel to the kit and watched as it turned into a message for the Easter Bunny, a penguin, and the sign for "Lu & Puck's Doghouse." We also discovered some new users when the dogs tried get into the Boxly doghouse where dad hid some treats.

A surprise to us all, dad also finished two loads of laundry during the build session!

On our way back to Stanford campus, we were so excited we couldn't stop talking about next steps. We are looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you! Thanks for reading!

The builders' Internet debut as they embark on becoming "Internet famous"