One Windy Day

We had an exciting user test and big film session this weekend! We went to play with our professor’s kids. She has two little girls, and told us the ways she focuses on teaching and fostering independence and creative problem-solving. We set up shop in the front yard; it turns out all the neighborhood kids were also playing outside, so when we brought Boxly out other kids from the neighborhood came over to play. 15 minutes later, we had 7 awesome kids building absolutely incredible structures!

One of our favorite parts was seeing their creative solutions to some unexpected challenges. For example, the lawn was slanted and it was a windy day, so their walls kept falling over. But they thought of engineering solutions, like using leftover appliance boxes to create triangular supports! They also added their own boxes to the structure, because Boxly connectors work with all one-ply cardboard!

Most of all, we are so excited that the kids played for over 1.5 HOURS! We tried to think of other ways that 7 kids might entertain themselves for that long without a huge mess and without requiring parental supervision...but the best thing we thought of was an iPad. Building? iPad? We think building.

We are thrilled about this play session (and filmed most of it...cuteness coming soon)! Look out for them in our Kickstarter video because we have a group that is looking to be “internet famous!”